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Same-sex marriage coverage overdoneI was fairly gobsmacked to see the huge coverage on SSM in yesterday’s Addy (August 13). A little overdone, don’t you think? Even for aFairfaxpublication – notoriously Left and on the side of marriage ‘equality’, overdone.
Nanjing Night Net

I would really like you to do a story on the effects of this type of SSM legislation on freedom of speech, conscience and religion, thought, belief, opinion, and expression, including freedom of the press; freedom of peaceful assembly and of association.

All these were curtailed (under threat of fine and litigation) inCanadafollowing legalisation of same sex ‘marriage’.

The debate we are having today on this issue inAustralia, would actually be a breach of discrimination laws if it were taking place inCanada. We know this from experience of Canadians such as Dawn Stefanowicz – who was raised by a homosexual father and his succession of partners.

She has written an article: A Warning fromCanada: Same sex Marriage Erodes Fundamental Rights, at the Public Discourse website. It would also be a breach of those laws to suggest that every child should know and be raised by their biological parents.

InCanada, under gender neutralism, all varieties of gender and sexuality are protected – except heterosexuality. Non gender-specific language is being imposed in media, government, workplaces and schools. Children are the most vulnerable and have no voice.

Knowing all this, and perhaps to achieve this end, is what makes proponents of SSM, either Parliamentary members or newspaper editors or any citizen agitate for this radical change to our laws. I can’t understand this, nor can I forgive it.

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If all this can happen in a democracy such asCanada, it can happen inAustralia. I urge my fellow citizens and legislators to become informed.

Helen Leach, BendigoThe Victorian State Government has released the local government Rates Capping Terms of Reference which outlines the Governments objectives to contain the cost of living in Victoria.

While supporting Council autonomy and ensuring greater accountability and transparency in local government budgeting and service delivery which is reflective of services that the community needs and demands.I am not sure that the objective to contain the cost of living whilst supporting council’s autonomy are compatible objectives .

This council has spent ratepayers monies like water , taking on projects and expenditure which will affect the cost to ratepayers going forward , whilst ignoring the services which ratepayers demand. Eg; HACC services, Kindergartens, meals on wheels, local pools , Science discovery centre, streets and roads.It is also “ ironic” that it was the Liberal Kennett Government who capped rates in 1995 after reducing and amalgamating councils. A Labor Bracks Government who let councils off the hook in 1997 scrapping the cap altogether , and now a Labor Government bringing the cap back after the horse has bolted.

The Municipal Association of Victoria has already opposed the move and made statements “That the costs of running a household were irrelevant to councils costs”. And noted that the Federal Liberal Government had cut funding to Victorian Councils by $124 million over 3 years.We need Councillors that are not ingrained with the mantra of growth and more growth , whilst ignoring the needs of ratepayers , and not thinking of those who endure the rise after rise of rates with little or no offset in fixed income. Council’ sustainability and financial capacity has always been its ratepayers being bled by increased rates year after year.“This is not about cutting services or staff , it’s about encouraging councils to get back to the things that matter to their community and councils must put a stop to over-the-top executive pay rises and needless waste.”{ Minister for Local Government}

Bill Collier,Golden SquareThis story Administrator ready to work first appeared on Nanjing Night Net.

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