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Legal saga continuesThis is so sad, and not right.
Nanjing Night Net

Bev N Peter DugganMy father lost his life to cancer (adenoid carcinoma ) two and a half years ago.

It was exactly 12 months and two days after his diagnosis that he passed away.

About five months into his treatment, that was never going to fix it, he said to myself and a nurse, when he had to decide on more treatment, “if I were a dog, you would put me to sleep, I wish I were a dog”.

I wish that he had the choice to go when he wanted to.

Michelle CumminsDoes Bendigo need a White Night?White night is a city thing not a Bendigo thing!!

Steven from a happy placeBendigo celebrant says skewed marriage debate is “theft”Love is love, although he’s entitled to his opinion. If he wouldn’t want to marry my partner and I that’s fine, there are plenty that would. I do wonder though if he had a homosexual son or daughter and they asked him to wed them, what would he do then?

Jen LouiseI must be old fashion, but I agree with him. Live together and call him your partner in life. That’s what I introduce Kevin as.

Lauris DrummondWho cares who marries who, if it makes people happy then so be it.

This world is sliding down a very dark road and we all need to find happiness wherever we can.

People need to live and let live.

Julie Martin‘Too late for Jane and I’Jane was such a genuine, lovely, down to earth person. Such a loss.

Fran CornfordJane was a lovely lady taken far too soon.

Sue LloydThis story Administrator ready to work first appeared on Nanjing Night Net.

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